Pay your bill with One Safe Click

Enroll in Lendmark Wallet to receive and pay your monthly bill through your smartphone’s mobile wallet - Apple Wallet (iPhone) or Google Pay (Android).

Signing up is easy. There’s no app to download. Simply tap the enrollment button below and enter your account number, zip code and last 4 of your social security number to add your billing pass to your mobile wallet.

No username or password. All you need to do is unlock your phone to access your wallet. No need to remember a special username or password.

Never miss a bill. Receive real-time notifications such as when a new bill is available or when your bill is due.

Seamlessly view and pay. On the back of the pass you will see additional options, such as view your recent transaction history or make a payment.

Get started now! Simply sign up by clicking on the appropriate mobile wallet button associated with your smartphone.

Lendmark Mobile Wallet


What is a mobile wallet?
Answer: Your mobile wallet is an app that comes pre-installed on every smartphone. It is the digital equivalent of a physical wallet where you can store, organize and access payment and non-payment items. It keeps digital versions of credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, stored value cards, membership cards, tickets and more all in one place. Now it can store your bill as well.
How do I sign up?
Answer: Sign up by tapping the “Add to Wallet” or “Save to Phone” button from your mobile device. When the mobile pass displays, tap “Add” to add the pass to your mobile wallet. You can then open your wallet to see your bill.
How do I use the mobile wallet?
Answer: By choosing this option, your bill will be delivered every month into your smartphone’s mobile wallet through your Apple Wallet (iOS devices) or Google Pay (Android devices). From there, you can view your bill and click on a link to quickly pay your bill.
Will I receive notifications?
Answer: Yes, you will receive notifications reminding you when a payment is coming up, when a payment is due, or potentially, when a payment is past due. For iOS devices, your notifications will pop up on your phone regardless of whether you are in your mobile wallet app or not. For Android devices, notifications will be posted in your wallet, but will not pop up on your phone. You will need to access your wallet to see them.
Will I still receive paper statements?
Answer: Yes. If you would like to start receiving electronic statements instead of paper statements you can do so automatically by registering for our mobile app, Lendmark Mobile. Click here to learn more.
What are the customer support hours?
Answer: M-F 8:30AM-8:30PM EST
Is there a charge for Lendmark Wallet?
Answer: No, enrolling in Lendmark Wallet is free of charge.
How do I manage my notification preferences?
Answer: From the back of your pass you can manage each of your notifications and choose specifically which ones you would like to receive.
How do I see the back of the pass to make a payment?
Answer: Click on the white circle with three dots (ellipsis) in the top right-hand corner on the front of the pass.
Who do I contact if I'm having trouble enrolling my Lendmark Wallet pass?
Answer: Please call our dedicated customer service team at (833) 239-3537.
If I just got a new loan, how soon after can I enroll my Lendmark Wallet Pass?
Answer: The next business day.
What If I have more than one account with Lendmark? Do I need multiple Lendmark Wallet passes?
Answer: Yes, each pass is unique to an individual account. If you have multiple accounts, and want Lendmark Wallet for each, you will need to enroll each account separately.
If I no longer want Lendmark Wallet how can I remove it?
Answer: Simply by clicking "Remove Pass" on the back of the pass.