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How to Prepare for Seasonal Costs


Different seasons can have a big impact on how you spend your money. Learn more about these seasonal costs and how a personal loan from Lendmark Financial can help.

Couple budgeting for vacation

Quick Guide to Personal Loans


Planned life events and unexpected expenses may require more funds than you have on hand. Being able to cover these situations often means using a credit source to help you finance the amount you need. A personal loan can be a fast, convenient and simple option to get some extra money. This informative guide to personal loans will walk you through the basics as well as how to apply for a loan when you need it.  


How Does Debt Consolidation Work


Debt consolidation can be a positive solution if you’re overloaded with high-interest debt. Learn more about debt consolidation with Lendmark Financial.


What to Know about Credit Scores


A credit score is snapshot of an individual’s financial situation. Learn more about why your score matters from Lendmark Financial


Secured vs. Unsecured Loans


Understand the difference between secured and unsecured loans before you sign any loan agreement. Learn more from Lendmark Financial.


Refinance a Car Loan


Refinancing your car loan can help you get a lower rate and save money. Learn about the process from Lendmark Financial.


Personal Loans for Tackling Financial Emergencies


It’s difficult to be prepared for unexpected expenses. Learn how a personal loan can help in these situations.


Quick Guide to Auto Financing


It’s time to buy a new car. This is a big-ticket purchase. That’s where auto financing comes in. Learn more from Lendmark Financial.

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