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Car Buying Made Easy


Hello again! Today, Professor Nick is going to touch on something very exciting…or frustrating, depending on the experience. Buying a car is something most people do at least once in their life. If it’s your first time or your 21st, the process can seem like an intricate dance. You have your part, the dealership has theirs, but you both want to lead. There are a few steps you can learn to make the whole thing smoother.

First off, you need to identify the type of vehicle that suits your needs. It’s important to be realistic about this. For instance, if you have kiddos, a two-door sedan may not be the right choice. You also must determine your price range from the get-go. This will narrow your search and make it evident what kinds of cars you should be shopping for.

Speaking of shopping, comparison shopping is one of the most important things to do when buying a car. Unless you’re in a hurry, take the time to do your research and find the vehicle you want at the best price. Many dealerships post their inventory online, which gives you a chance to see who is offering the best deals.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you must negotiate your terms with the dealership. Because you’re prepared, you know what the car is worth, and how long it’s been on the lot. You’ve priced it at other dealerships. You have a realistic price in mind, and you’re willing to walk away if you don’t get it (and you really may have to). Let’s say you are successful, and terms are agreed upon. That’s great news! You’re ready to finance. Or are you?

The dealership will surely offer you financing options through their partners. But you may get better terms and service from an outside lender (like Lendmark Financial!). That’s why it’s important to explore rates and terms from a variety of auto loan providers prior to visiting the dealership. Then you can be assured that your loan will fit into your monthly budget.

I wish you the best of luck in your car-buying endeavors. See you next time!